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About us.

         A variety of sliding contacts from a warehouse in Moscow from the world leader.
Delivery within Russian Federation during 5 days.
Always a large assortment. Cheap economy models and industrial designs.
Most models are made on gold-gold contact base.
Application area:
-Wind turbines
-Robot technique
-Production line
-Cable coils for audio, video and other purposes
- And everywhere where uninterrupted transmission
of data or power in a rotating system is needed
Quality assurance.

         Our company offers a ready-made cable coils with built-in sliding contacts. From small and inexpensive plastic coils to highly welded structures.
As our coil meets your request, please inform the diameter of the cable, the number of contacts, the appropriate type of output connector, lines specification
(electric current intensity, voltage is used) and our
experts will offer you suitable options.
We can also manufacture coils individually
to your specifications and request.
About us